Infocus Marketing

To Our Clients, Customers and Prospects:

All humility aside, our business can be one of your greatest assets.

My proclamation is not empty bravado. Our unique business-model creates a natural win-win relationship with our clientele that gives us a direct stake in their mail and email marketing results. We've been successful as a company only because our clients have been successful. This mutual incentive coupled with our ability to empathize and forge long-term relationships with our clients is the main reason we are the recognized leader in our industry.

Our story began in May of 1990. As national associations were primarily relying on member dues and grants for their fiscal health, INFOCUS was instrumental in first introducing them to the reality that they could earn significant non-dues revenue by having us create and manage their member list rental program.

Thus our business was born. Over the years, we have successfully brought in over 10,000 customers renting the postal and email member lists from the associations we exclusively manage. Our rapid growth as a full-service company can be directly attributed to our ability to act quickly and effectively in response to our customer's entire mail and email marketing needs. Those needs are the direct result of the seven major services that make up INFOCUS Marketing today.

  • The core of our business, our list management services generate millions of dollars in additional revenue for over 150 association clients every year. Thanks, in part, to our innovative and personalized niche marketing strategy specifically tailored for each client, we have grown to become the largest list manager exclusively serving professional and trade associations.

  • Our list acquisition experts provide clients with complimentary assistance to identify and order the most responsive prospect lists in their primary, secondary, and tertiary markets. Our ability to match the right list with our client's offer is the reason we have an incredible track record of optimizing mail and email marketing response.

  • Our data service programmers and technicians utilize the latest technology to significantly reduce their postage, mail and email costs. As a matter of fact, the monetary savings we produce for our clients typically outweigh the fees we charge.

  • In June of 2010, we enthusiastically joined forces with a print production and mail fulfillment company with 25 years of experience and an impeccable service record. Combined with our design and copywriting capability, we now effectively produce and deliver over 2,000 client mail campaigns every year.

  • Our email services are far superior to the do-it-yourself email marketing tools commonly available. We offer the latest technology to effectively deliver and track email campaign results with added features like reputation monitoring and strict CAN-SPAM adherence.

I encourage you to continue to peruse the rest of our website for more details on each of our services and the numerous benefits offered by each. I also invite you to reach out to our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals conducting business from our office in the Washington, DC suburbs.

Now that you know a little more about us, we look forward to hearing from you to learn more about your organization’s mail and email marketing needs. I'm confident that once you experience the unparalleled convenience, quality and cost-efficiency our full-service capabilities offer, you too will nod your head in agreement with me that our business can be one of your greatest assets.

Best Regards,
Robert Farkas, President
INFOCUS Marketing, Incorporated