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Learn how what INFOCUS Marketing has done in 2010 positively impacts your industry, your business, your department, and you.

A Look Back at 2010

23 NEW Association Email & Postal Lists

What we did: Added new prospect lists across many industries sourced directly from leading national trade associations. Added the option to email the members of several top tier associations.

What this means for you: More of the most highly engaged prospects to reach the way you want: mail, email or BOTH! Plus, these brand new lists of leading professionals in their fields will gain you more qualified prospects in the New Year.

Print & Direct Mail Available @ INFOCUS

What we did: Acquired a print & direct mail firm with 20 years of experience. As businesses contracted across the nation, we actually did an about-face by enhancing and expanding our services beyond lists and list management with the acquisition of Continental Services, Inc.

What this does for you: One convenient, cost-effective source to get it all Done in OneSM saving you time and providing you the ability to redirect your limited staff resources. Whatever your need — design and delivery of a direct mail or email marketing promotion, professional printing of marketing collateral, to acquiring that perfect email or postal list to help you reach your target market — INFOCUS is your one direct marketing source.

List Brokerage Expansion

What we did: Added more consultants to our list brokerage division.

What this means to your bottom line: Because our list research experts are industry veterans with 40 years combined experience, they have relationships established across the industry. They can negotiate the best prices on your list rental, directly impacting your bottom line and stretching your marketing dollars so you can do more with less! Our highly experienced list consultants can research, identify and acquire the most targeted postal or email lists from the thousands out there. Best of all, this expert list research is at no cost to you!

Investment in Email Marketing

What we did: Invested in an incredibly robust, on-premise email transmission system.

How this impacts you: As marketers and leaders in businesses and membership organizations across the nation, you need to be able to analyze the metrics and ROI for every direct marketing campaign and spend. Our on-premise transmission system does just that. And we have an entire client services division dedicated to guiding you through HTML set-up, straight to the inbox and beyond. We’ll email your message to the lists we manage and we can transmit offers, reminders, online newsletters, etc. to your own prospect database and members of your organization.


What we did: Changed our domain from to

What this means for you: It signals that a complete suite of direct marketing services is now available to you when you contact INFOCUS. We still offer you the top notch association lists you expect and now, even more.

What’s ahead for 2011?

Show You the Money: Conference & Attendee List Marketing

Providing direct, timely access to conference attendees is the single, most important way for exhibitors and conference sponsors to realize a return on their tradeshow investment and for trade associations to increase revenue. So we’ll continue the expansion of attendee list management and comprehensive list marketing programs.

Stay tuned for webinars and regional events that show you the money!

Response Rates Increase with Multi-Channel Marketing

Reach the inbox and the mailbox combined for greater effectiveness.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns are more important than ever, and email list options are growing among our 150+ association list clients.

As a marketer, having the option to rent email and corresponding postal lists can increase your response rates. As a trade association, offering email when renting your membership list will raise your list rental opportunities and revenue without compromising data security.

Expanding Our Social Circles

We’re looking forward to the official launch of social media campaigns with company profile pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. Connect with us online for the latest on lists, direct marketing and more.

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