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Updated lists


22,246   Active U.S. Members  @$125/M

American Academy of Family Physicians

125,529   Total Membership  @$150/M

The Endocrine Society

14,157   Active Members  @$330/M

American Public Works Association

28,010   Active Members  @$170/M

2019 Best of ASCO

150   Estimated Best of ASCO - Baltimore Attendees  @$150/F

2019 Best of ASCO

200   Estimated Best of ASCO - Austin Attendees  @$150/F

2019 Best of ASCO

192   Best of ASCO - Seattle Attendees  @$150/F

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

3,361   Diplomate and Candidate Postal Addresses  @$225/M

Optometry's MeetingĀ® 2019

1,150   Professional Attendee Email Addresses  @$800/F

Optometry's MeetingĀ® 2019 Student Attendees

666   Student Attendee Email Addresses  @$350/F