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Updated lists

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

3,533   Diplomate and Candidate Postal Addresses  @$225/M


20,407   Active U.S. Members  @$125/M

American Public Works Association

27,513   Active Members  @$170/M

National Association for Healthcare Quality

4,827   Active Member Postal Addresses  @$200/M

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

8,208   Active Paid U.S. Members  @$110/M

American Physical Society

45,205   Current Active Paid Members Available  @$200/M

Urgent Care Association

4,948   Active Member Postal Addresses  @$240/M

American Gastroenterological Association

14,949   Active Members  @$120/M

AMSUS The Society of Federal Health Professionals

5,561   Active & Lapsed Member Postal Addresses  @$150/M

Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement

7,112   Certified Physicians and Candidates  @$165/M