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Updated lists

NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo

4,195   U.S. Attendee Email Addresses  @$245/M

International Interior Design Association

11,252   Active Paid U.S. Members  @$150/M

National Commission on Correctional Health Care

83,665   U.S. Active Postal Addresses  @$250/M

Association for Career and Technical Education

22,123   Active Paid US Member Postal Addresses  @$100/M

Society of Critical Care Medicine

15,407   Active Paid Members  @$225/M

Journal of Urgent Care Medicine

40,364   Active Postal Addresses  @$240/M

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

4,340   Diplomate and Candidate Postal Addresses  @$225/M

International Association of Fire Chiefs

11,480   Regular Paid U.S. Members Postal  @$175/M

American Veterinary Medical Association

47,324   Active Members Able to Receive Mailings**  @$135/M

Oncology Nursing Society

34,112   Active Members Postal Addresses  @$300/M